Join Troutman Pepper Partner Chris Willis and Counsel Shannon Patterson as they discuss the top issues a company’s board of directors needs to consider regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in its business. Shannon specializes in advising companies on board and management governance issues, particularly publicly traded companies, to ensure that boards are well-informed of their responsibilities. In this episode, Shannon offers valuable insights on how a company’s general counsel can support its board in integrating principles of good governance for the responsible and effective use of AI.

Join Troutman Pepper Partner Chris Willis as he discusses the New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) latest updates to its cybersecurity regulations with Troutman Pepper Privacy + Cyber Partner Kim Phan. With data breaches on the rise, the NYDFS has heightened its expectations for licensed entities in New York regarding data management. The finalized

Join Troutman Pepper Partner Chris Willis for a solo episode where he discusses a recent joint statement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Department of Justice regarding the consideration of immigration status in credit underwriting — an issue that has plagued creditors for years. Chris provides listeners with important background on this matter, the history and impact of litigation on credit underwriting and immigration status, the content of the joint statement, and what strategies creditors can employ to stay ahead of the issue.

In this episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, Troutman Pepper Partners Chris Willis and Matthew Orso discuss lessons learned from bank internal investigations. They explore the trigger points that give rise to these investigations, provide useful advice for banks regarding their investigations, discuss how to avoid common issues, and suggest remedial measures to prevent issues from repeating.

Join Troutman Pepper Partners Chris Willis, Mary Zinsner, and Dave Gettings for an in-depth discussion about litigating elder financial exploitation cases. Elder abuse and financial exploitation of the elderly are increasing problems in our society, and financial institutions are right in the thick of it. Chris, Mary, and Dave discuss trends in elder fraud litigation, offering insights on the common themes and defenses that financial institutions have in these cases.

Join Troutman Pepper Partners Chris Willis and Sheri Adler as they dive into the new requirement for publicly traded companies (including financial services companies) to adopt a clawback policy requiring the recoupment of erroneously awarded incentive compensation by December 1, 2023. Chris and Sheri discuss many facets of the rules and what steps companies can take to ensure compliance, including: