Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Dave Gettings and his guests and colleagues Jessica Lohr and Virginia Flynn who discuss their recent service as jurors on criminal cases, while also providing valuable insight to litigators into what a case looks like from the jury box.

Jessica defends consumer reporting agencies, national banking institutions, and mortgage

Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Dave Gettings and his colleagues Ethan Ostroff, Brooke Conkle, and Jon Kenney as they discuss the Third Circuit’s recent decision in the Bibbs case, particularly the Third Circuit’s treatment of “pay status” allegations and what we can expect to see going forward.

Ethan Ostroff advises companies on compliance issues

Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Dave Gettings and his fellow Partner Ethan Ostroff as they discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s increasingly active interest in credit reporting, including a recent CFPB blog post on credit card companies and their perceived practice of suppressing payment information, as well as what it signals to companies in the industry.

Ethan’s practice includes advising companies on compliance issues and interactions with regulators concerning the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as defending furnishers, users, and specialty consumer reporting agencies in individual and class-action lawsuits under the FCRA.

Join Consumer Financial Services Partner Dave Gettings as he hosts guest Kristi Kelly, one of the founders of Kelly Guzzo PLC, for a conversation discussing current FCRA trends from the plaintiffs’ counsel perspective. As a consumer protection attorney, Kristi advises consumers nationwide in individual and class-action cases under the FCRA, including cases against furnishers and consumer reporting agencies.

Please join Troutman Pepper Partner Dave Gettings and his guest Eric Ellman of the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) for a conversation on recent industry developments in credit reporting. Dave and Eric discuss the CDIA’s mission, the idea of a government-run credit bureau, and recent trends in FCRA litigation. At the CDIA, Eric leads the state government and federal regulatory affairs programs, runs the legal department, serves as liaison to the format teams for credit data reporting, and participates in the association’s management. With the CDIA since 1998, Eric’s work has been highlighted on the front page of the USA Today Money section (June 2007), where he was called a “warrior” who is “always well prepared for battle.”

Join Troutman Pepper Consumer Financial Services Partner Dave Gettings for a special podcast series dedicated to exploring the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In this inaugural episode, Dave talks with fellow Troutman Pepper Partner David Anthony, who is nationally recognized for representing consumer financial service companies, particularly in FCRA class actions. He has served as lead counsel in more than 100 class actions, and more than 1,500 individual cases across the country. In this discussion, Dave and David share what they are seeing in this practice and pull out the crystal ball to discuss where they see FCRA litigation going in 2022 and beyond.