In Henderson v. United Student Aid Funds, Inc., the Ninth Circuit recently reversed a decision by the District Court for the Southern District of California holding that a lender could not be held vicariously liable for the actions of the debt collection companies that had been hired by its loan servicer.

The plaintiff in Henderson

On April 24, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative will host the inaugural “Fintech and the Future of Banking” conference in Arlington, Virginia.

The conference, headlined by speakers Jelena McWilliams, Chairman of the FDIC, and Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the United States

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent settlement with online consumer lender Avant, LLC provides a reminder to fintech companies of the importance of ensuring regulatory compliance, while delivering innovative solutions to the financial services industry. On April 15, Avant agreed to settle a lawsuit by the FTC accusing the e-lender of “engag[ing] in a pattern of

On April 19, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its agenda for its May Open Commission Meeting scheduled for May 9, 2019.  Once again, however, there is no agenda item regarding the FCC’s highly anticipated rulemaking under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  The FCC’s silence on this topic means yet another month will pass

Distinguishing some recent cases, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York clarified that a debt collector who discloses the current amount due in an initial communication has fewer obligations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act than a debt collector that provides the amount due as of a future date.


The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled against a debt collector in LTD Financial Services, L.P. v. Collins, affirming the lower court’s order granting the plaintiff’s motion for a directed verdict. Specifically, the Court ruled that the plaintiff was not required to prove intent as part of his affirmative claim and LTD Financial Services did

On April 5, the Minnesota Department of Commerce issued guidance to the motor vehicle sales finance industry intended to clarify the types of entities that meet the definition of “sales finance company” under Minnesota law. The guidance solidified the Commerce Department’s stance that companies that purchase motor vehicle retail installment contracts must obtain a motor

On April 3, the Northern District of West Virginia issued an order denying Monitronics International, Inc.’s motion for summary judgment on multiple Telephone Consumer Protection Act grounds. In re Monitronics Int’l, Inc., No. 1:13-md-02493-JPB (N.D. W.Va. April 3, 2019). Monitronics sought summary judgment, claiming there was no evidence that it was the seller under

In a comprehensive report issued last week, the American Bankruptcy Institute Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy proposed recommendations that would allow student loans to be easier to discharge in bankruptcy, citing the staggering $1.5 trillion in student loan debt held in the United States and the current difficulties with discharging this type of debt in bankruptcy.