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Evan is a practical, results-oriented attorney who partners with business clients to deal with their most critical corporate espionage matters. These matters typically involve the theft or unlawful retention of trade secrets and other confidential information by groups of, or individual former executives and employees. Additionally, these matters involve the enforcement of restrictive covenants such as noncompetes and nondisclosure agreements. Evan leverages his deep experience with digital forensics and his team of technical experts to ensure his clients’ matters are handled using the most cutting-edge forensic technology available. Evan has handled corporate espionage litigation and investigations in Georgia, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Corporate theft can happen in any workplace, but in the world of financial services, the theft can also create regulatory and litigation exposure for financial institutions. What type of employee is most likely to steal from the company or its customers? What can companies do to combat this? Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs chatted with Troutman Pepper Partner Chris Willis about the popular movie Office Space, employee misconduct, and creative uses of technology to protect against corporate theft.

In a case of first impression, the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan held that direct-to-voicemail messages qualify as a “call” under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  The Court’s opinion thus subjects another modern technology to the requirements of express consent and other strictures of the TCPA.

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