The FTC announced the federal and state regulators attending its second “Debt Collection Dialogue” in Dallas will be answering questions from industry members and others who attend the event, including questions about how regulatory enforcement actions are investigated and pursued.

Questions for the FTC and panelists may be submitted by email to, with your name, title, and organization.

This event will include two moderated panels.  The first panel to begin the debt collection dialogue will include the following participants:

  • Moderator Mary Spector, a professor at the Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University;
  • Michael Frost, CBE Companies’ Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel, and a member of the ACA Board of Directors;
  • Christopher Koegel, the assistant director of the FTC Division of Financial Practices;
  • Gregory Nodler, senior counsel for Enforcement Policy and Strategy, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau;
  • Jessica Lesser, managing attorney, Dallas Regional Office, Consumer Protection Division, Office of the Texas Attorney General; and
  • A representative of DBA International.

The second panel is slated to include Christopher Koegel and Gregory Nodler from the first panel, as well as:

  • Moderator Dama Brown, director of the FTC’s Southwest Region;
  • Robert Föehl, Vice President and General Counsel of ACA; and
  • Joann Needleman, president of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys.