Photo of David Dove

David leads the firm’s Regulatory + Economic Investment Practice in Georgia, an interdisciplinary practice group that counsels clients on a range of legal and public policy matters. Drawing on broad leadership experience at the highest levels of state government, David helps clients advance their business objectives and resolve regulatory hurdles, particularly as they relate to environmental, health care, and tax issues as well as economic investment.

In this episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, Chris Willis is joined by Partners David Anthony and David Dove to discuss the potential implications of the Supreme Court overruling the Chevron case. This case established the principle of deferring to agency interpretations of statutes they administer. While some industry insiders may view the potential overruling as beneficial, the discussion highlights the potential for increased unpredictability and instability. The guests emphasize the importance of vigilance, strategic planning, and the engagement of experienced legal counsel to navigate potential challenges and optimize business opportunities.

In this episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, Chris Willis is joined by David Dove, a partner in Troutman Pepper’s RISE group. They discuss the legal and practical considerations for businesses looking to locate a facility in a new state. David shares his insights on the various incentives available at the federal, state, and local levels, including grants, tax incentives, and economic development programs. He emphasizes the importance of strategic planning, engaging with regulators, and having experienced legal counsel to ensure businesses maximize their opportunities and navigate potential challenges. The discussion provides valuable insights for businesses considering expansion or relocation.