In this episode of Troutman Pepper’s FCRA Focus podcast, host Kim Phan delves into the topic of dispute resolution through the e-OSCAR system with special guest, Joel Strickland, the director of customer success at e-OSCAR. Joel shares valuable insights into the resources available to data furnishers, including e-OSCAR University and the annual users conference, Simplicity. This episode illuminates the functionalities and benefits of the e-OSCAR system for FCRA dispute resolution and clarifies the limitations of e-OSCAR’s role in the dispute resolution process, underscoring the importance of legal and compliance consultations for data furnishers.

With over seven years at Online Data Exchange, the company behind e-OSCAR, Joel Strickland leads the client relations team, focusing on supporting data furnishers with feature development, services, training, and communication. Based in Jacksonville, FL, Strickland shares his experience as a triathlete drawing parallels between the discipline required for triathlon training and the dedication needed for FCRA compliance, emphasizing the importance of understanding Metro2 guidelines, internal policies, and the e-OSCAR application for effective consumer credit dispute handling.

Transcript: Resolving FCRA Disputes With e-OSCAR: Insights from Joel Strickland (PDF)