Join us for an enlightening episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, where we dissect the intricate world of debt collection, reflecting on the past year and forecasting future trends. This episode, hosted by Chris Willis, features insightful discussions with Stefanie Jackman and Jonathan Floyd, both well-versed in the field of debt collection. We explore significant Supreme Court cases that could reshape the collections landscape, the impact of Regulation F on validation notices, and the complexities surrounding credit reporting and medical debt. Stefanie and Jonathan share their perspectives on emerging trends and potential challenges in the collections industry. This episode is a must-listen for creditors, servicers, and collectors seeking to understand the ever-evolving landscape of debt collection. Stay tuned for the next and final episode of our Year in Review and a Look Ahead series on The Consumer Finance Podcast, providing valuable insights for anyone involved in consumer finance.

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Transcript: Year in Review and a Look Ahead: Navigating the Debt Collection Landscape (PDF)