As part of the Federal Trade Commission’s systematic review of all current FTC rules and guides, the agency recently announced a modified 10-year regulatory review schedule.  To ensure that its rules and industry guides stay relevant and are not overly burdensome, the FTC reviews them at 10-year intervals.  The review schedule is published each year, with adjustments in response to public input, changes in the marketplace, and resource demands.

For 2016, the Commission intends to initiate reviews of, and solicit public comments on, the following rules:

  • Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information, 16 CFR Part 314;
  • CAN-SPAM Rule, 16 CFR Part 316;
  • Labeling and Advertising of Home Insulation, 16 CFR Part 460; and
  • Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records, 16 CFR Part 682.

The Commission vote to publish the proposed Federal Register notice regarding its regulatory review program was 4-0.

Troutman Sanders will continue to monitor the activities of the FTC, including as it relates to these consumer protection regulations.