Please join Troutman Pepper Partners Chris Willis and Jason Cover as they discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) recent special edition Supervisory Highlights focused on “junk fees.” Chris and Jason dive into the report and talk about how this fits into the CFPB’s broader initiative on junk fees, what exactly constitutes a junk fee, the types of fees the CFPB identifies as problematic, if this means that creditors can’t charge any of these fees, and steps to take to mitigate risk when imposing fees.

In this episode of The Crypto Exchange, Troutman Pepper Consumer Financial Services Partner Kalama Lui-Kwan welcomes back Keith Barnett and Carlin McCrory to discuss recent interviews by Rohit Chopra from the CFPB related to consumer protection issues, true lender matters, actions against repeat offenders, as well as P2P platforms and the CFPB’s stance on fees.

Keith and Carlin also discuss a recent report released by the CFPB, The Convergence of Payments and Commerce: Implications for Consumers, that examines the challenges in new product categories and risks to consumers inherent in the evolving payment ecosystem.