In the opening episode of a four-part series examining major developments in the digital assets industry in 2023, Ethan Ostroff, Addison Morgan, and Trey Smith discuss significant federal regulatory events that transpired throughout the year.

The group examines actions taken by key regulatory bodies such as the Federal Reserve Board, FDIC, OCC, and FinCEN. The conversation explores the regulatory landscape of the digital assets industry in 2023, emphasizing how regulators navigated past challenges. They also discuss the industry’s resilience in the face of significant events and the ensuing regulatory responses. The episode concludes with a discussion on tokenization, a crucial feature of distributed ledger technology (DLT), highlighting its potential benefits and financial stability concerns.

Transcript: Will Resiliency Carry the Digital Asset Sector Through 2024: Navigating the 2023 Regulatory Landscape (PDF)