Unauthorized Access, our privacy and cybersecurity-focused podcast, spotlights the human side of the cybersecurity industry. In this episode, Sadia welcomes Sherri Davidoff, CEO of LMG Security, to discuss the challenges and experiences associated with being a primary caregiver in the cybersecurity space. Whether as a mother, father, elder-care provider, or in any other role, this is a topic that many individuals in the cybersecurity community struggle with, but go to great lengths to conceal. Both Sadia and Sherri pause to share their personal journeys and highlight the individuals who have supported them in excelling in both their professional and caregiving roles (spoiler alert — for Sadia, that person is Ron Raether). Sherri, reflecting on the need for more flexibility, notes that virtual opportunities, which had expanded during the pandemic, are now beginning to decrease as the world transitions back to a ‘pre-pandemic’ state. These opportunities broadened the accessibility of the cybersecurity industry, especially for those juggling demanding caregiving responsibilities.

Transcript: Caregivers in Cybersecurity (PDF)