Please join Troutman Pepper Partners Chris Willis and Lori Sommerfield, along with American Association of Bank Directors (AABD) President David Baris, for a special announcement about the recently published second edition of the Practical Handbook on Fair Lending for Bank Directors and Executive Officers (AABD Handbook). The updated AABD Handbook addresses the dramatic shift in the regulatory landscape for enforcement of the federal fair lending laws over the past decade, with aggressive enforcement of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Housing Act by federal agencies (including the CFPB, U.S. Department of Justice, and federal banking agencies) under various presidential administrations.

Transcript: Troutman Pepper Attorneys Update Fair Lending Handbook for the American Association of Bank Directors (PDF)

The AABD Handbook is designed to raise awareness and provide education to bank directors and executive officers about federal fair lending laws and related laws, as well as offer guidance to directors and executive management on their roles in providing meaningful oversight for fair lending risk management. The AABD Handbook also describes best practices to enhance banks’ fair lending compliance programs to meet regulatory expectations. For this reason, the AABD Handbook serves as a helpful resource for others, including chief risk officers, chief compliance officers, and fair lending officers.

The AABD Handbook is available for purchase through Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.

David Baris serves as the president of the American Association of Bank Directors (AABD). He has led AABD since its founding in 1989 to provide bank directors the resources with which to serve their institutions effectively and in a manner that minimizes the risk of personal liability consistent with safe and sound banking practices. AABD supports bank directors through its advocacy, information, and training initiatives.

David was a banking law partner with several law firms for many years, including Kennedy & Baris, which he co-founded, and later the Buckley law firm in Washington, D.C. Earlier in his career, he served as counsel to an oversight subcommittee of the House Government Operations Committee and legislative counsel to a member of Congress. Mr. Baris has authored seven books and numerous articles on bank director issues.