Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Chris Willis and his colleagues Privacy + Cyber Associate Sadia Mirza and Privacy + Cyber Partner Kamran Salour as they discuss phishing. Kamran and Sadia break down what phishing is, the major security risk it poses for companies, and how to handle a phishing attack.

Transcript: What to Do When a Phishing Attack Happens to You (PDF)

Sadia Mirza has extensive experience in data security and privacy matters. When counseling clients on cutting-edge privacy and cybersecurity issues, they especially turn to Sadia for pre-incident response planning and preparedness or at the first signs of a security incident. She has handled several data breaches and investigations in a variety of industries and has experience defending companies under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, attorneys general offices, and other regulatory authorities.

Kamran Salour focuses his practice on helping clients through their toughest cybersecurity and privacy issues with his extensive data security experience. Clients look to Kamran for advice on proactive data security practices, pre-incident planning, and complying with data protection laws. He uses his decades of experience as a litigator to provide clients with a unique perspective on data security and protection issues.

Together Kamran and Sadia host our cybersecurity podcast, Unauthorized Access.