Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Chris Willis and his colleagues Ron Raether and Kim Phan, partners in our Privacy + Cyber Practice Group, as they discuss recent privacy and data security updates in the consumer financial services industry. Topics include:

  • The CFPB’s and FTC’s regulatory stance on privacy and data security issues;
  • The current landscape of privacy legislation; and
  • Emerging trends in privacy and data security litigation, including the status of litigation under the California Consumer Privacy Act, and how businesses can protect themselves going forward.

Transcript: Privacy and Data Security Update (PDF)

Ron Raether has helped companies navigate federal and state privacy laws for over 20 years. He has effectively defended hundreds of privacy and data security putative class actions. Ron’s experience is unique in the number of privacy cases litigated through class and substantive issue motions, including defending those successes in the appellate courts.

Kim Phan counsels financial institutions in complying with federal and state privacy and data security statutes and regulations. She also guides clients on regulatory compliance matters, including supervisory and enforcement interactions with the CFPB, the FTC, and state attorneys general and departments of consumer protection.