Please join Troutman Sanders attorneys, David Anthony, John Lynch, Ron Raether, Alan Wingfield, and Sadia Mirza for the Complimentary Webinar, “Quick Answers to Critical COVID-19 Compliance Questions for Financial Services Companies” on March 31st from 3-4 pm ET.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly altered the legal and regulatory landscape on which the Consumer Financial Services (CFS) industry operates. CFS businesses face unprecedented challenges to stay ahead of this shifting landscape and remain compliant with any governmental directive while continuing business operations as much as possible.

Businesses need to be aware of governmental directives at the federal, state, and local levels and understand how this affects business operations. Sweeping proposals at the federal level are aimed at the heart of the CFS industry while state, local, and regulatory guidance address the details of specific operations. Understanding where to find these directives and how to interpret them, from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidance defining essential businesses to remote work licensing restrictions at the state and local levels, is the first step in determining action in response.

Privacy and cybersecurity concerns should be on the forefront of any business’ consideration. During the “largest work from home experiment in the world,” businesses will need to put appropriate security measures in place and implement protocols to protect the business’ and consumers’ proprietary or confidential information. Addressing basic privacy concerns while the world scrambles to create and impose patchwork solutions will be paramount.

This webinar will address “best practices” suggestions and provide tips and guidance for activity specific to the CFS space.

For example, Troutman Sanders’ partners will cover:

  • Privacy and data security in remote working scenarios
  • Potential relief from statutory and regulatory deadlines
  • Customer outreach by phone and text
  • Remote contracting, UETA and E-Sign basics
  • Essential employees for financial services companies under stay at home orders
  • And other topics of frequent and current interest

For a preview of the cybersecurity and privacy issues that will be covered, see Troutman Sanders’ publications, “COVID-19 Warrants Modified Cybersecurity for Work-at-Home” and “Notice to Employers: Remember Privacy Basics When Addressing COVID-19.”