In recent years, many financial institutions and credit card companies have begun offering consumers free access to their credit score. On November 13, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published a request for information in the Federal Register regarding consumers’ experiences “with access to free credit scores and the experience of companies, and nonprofits, offering their customers and the general public free access to their credit scores.” The request poses fifteen questions for consideration and comment, addressing such issues as the sources of access to free credit reports, the benefit to consumers of having increased free regular access to credit scores, the benefits and costs to companies of such access, and consumers’ frequently asked questions.

The request is intended to “identify educational content that is providing the most value to consumers, and additional educational content that the Bureau or others could develop to increase consumers’ understanding of credit scores and credit reports.” In addition, the CFPB notes that the “request for information will also be used to gain a broader understanding of the industry practices that best support educating and empowering consumers.”

The comment period closes on February 12, 2018.