Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has issued an executive order “banning the box” for jobs within the executive branch.  Effective July 1, applicants for employment in the executive branch will no longer be subject to inquiries about their criminal history at the initial application stage, unless the conviction for a specific crime would disqualify the applicant for employment.  “Where state law specifically prohibits employment based on certain convictions or pending charges, applicants will be asked about their criminal records (example: application for a family case manager position with the Indiana Department of Child Services),” a press release stated.

Holcomb remarked that “this executive order will give Hoosiers with criminal records a second chance by helping them overcome the stigma of their past and live productive lives.  We are giving those with criminal records more opportunity to seek public service as a state employee.”

Indiana is now the 27th state to “ban the box” for public sector employees in some manner.  This executive order is consistent with recent increases in legislative scrutiny of employment application practices at the initial application stage. 

Troutman Sanders will continue to monitor related legislative developments concerning employment background screening and employee hiring.