Ethan Ostroff has been selected by ACA International (Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) to serve in the Attorney State Chair Program for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Attorney State Chair Program provides ACA International units and their members with access to an attorney licensed to practice law in their state.  These attorneys have volunteered to take calls and be available as legal resources and referral attorneys as their schedules permit.

Under the Attorney State Chair program, volunteer leaders will:

  • Serve as a legal resource and reference by participating in conversations with unit members to provide assistance with industry-related legal and compliance questions and legal referrals when appropriate.
  • Work on legislative advocacy by engaging members in national legislative efforts.
  • Help mobilize efforts at the state level when needed, as well as identify specific statewide legislative issues.
  • Assist in educating the unit membership on legislation, regulations, laws, ordinances, and judicial decisions.
  • Identify important and industry-significant legal issues occurring at the state level, allowing ACA to assess the issues and, where possible, avoid bad case law that may impact the industry on a regional or national basis.

For more information about ACA International’s State Chair Program, please click here.