Photo of Alexandra Barrage

Alex draws on her experience as a former FDIC executive and comprehensive knowledge of bank regulations to advise a wide array of banks and technology companies. She is a sought-after advisor on complex supervisory, regulatory, payments, and transactional issues.

In this episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, Chris Willis discusses the complexities and potential pitfalls of bank-fintech partnerships. Joined by colleagues Alexandra Steinberg Barrage, Matthew Bornfreund, and Jesse Silverman, the conversation delves into the structure of banking-as-a-service (BaaS) relationships, regulatory pressures, and key friction points such as BSA/AML compliance and ledgering. The team offers practical solutions for both banks and fintechs to ensure successful collaborations, emphasizing the importance of clear roles, responsibilities, and robust compliance measures. This episode is essential listening for anyone involved in or considering a bank-fintech partnership.

On May 30, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously decided Cantero, reaffirming and elaborating on the Barnett Bank preemption standard, and remanding the case to the Second Circuit for further proceedings. Cantero addressed whether a New York law requiring the payment of at least 2% per annum interest on mortgage escrow deposits was preempted by federal law as to national banks. The Supreme Court held that the Second Circuit erred when it failed to apply the preemption standard articulated in Barnett Bank of Marion County, N.A. v. Nelson, which was incorporated by Congress into the Dodd-Frank Act. The Court rejected the lower court’s holding “that federal law preempts any state law that ‘purports to exercise control over a federally granted banking power,’ regardless of ‘the magnitude of its effects.’” The Court also rejected the approach argued by the petitioners, explaining it would “yank the preemption standard to the opposite extreme, and would preempt virtually no non-discriminatory state laws that apply to both state and national banks.”

In this episode of The Consumer Finance Podcast, Chris Willis introduces the firm’s esteemed bank regulatory team. Featuring Kevin Petrasic, Matthew Bornfreund, Alexandra Barrage, and Helen Lee, the episode delves into the team’s extensive experience in bank regulation, supervisory and enforcement matters, fintech, payments, and more. Each team member shares their unique background, including significant government and in-house experience, and discusses how their combined knowledge enhances Troutman Pepper’s ability to comprehensively serve financial institution clients. The episode underscores the firm’s strategic goal to be a one-stop shop for all financial services legal needs.