February 17, 2021
3:00 – 4:00 pm ET

FCRA litigation continues to increase. 2020 was a busy year, and 2021 seems poised for a further increase in litigation and regulatory actions. Please join us for a complimentary webinar to discuss the significant FCRA cases from 2020 and what is on the horizon for 2021. Topics to be covered will include:

  • A review and analysis of the significant FCRA decisions in 2020;
  • The potential for COVID-19 related FCRA lawsuits;
  • The new CFPB director and increased regulatory focus with new Biden administration; and
  • The forthcoming Supreme Court decision in Ramirez v. TransUnion and its potential implications.

We will continue to offer webinars related to legal issues and recent decisions affecting the consumer financial services industry. If you have any questions about this series, please contact us.