All the presents have been opened.
The New Year’s Eve ball has been dropped.
We have honored Martin Luther King Day.
But our celebrations do not stop.

You see, today isn’t just a Monday.
It’s not just the first day of the week.
Today isn’t only the end to your weekend.
Or a day to sit around and weep.

Today is Data Privacy Day!
One of our favorite days of the year!
It’s dedicated to raising privacy awareness.
So, we’re sending a little privacy cheer!

How you choose to celebrate today,
Is really up to you.
But below are a few examples,
Of things your team can do.

Review your incident response plans.
Conduct a tabletop exercise.
Start thinking about CCPA compliance.
Consider whether your privacy policy needs to be revised.

Remember the goal for today,
Is to raise privacy awareness.
Whether it be with your friends, family, or co-workers,
We encourage you to share this!

Happy Data Privacy Day from Troutman Sanders.

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