On Wednesday, June 6, from 3 – 4 pm ET, Troutman Sanders attorneys, Ronald Raether and Jonathan Yee will present a webinar discussing vendor risk.

Business interconnectivity is nothing new. With the rise of the cloud, vendor management came into focus. Companies continue to engage outside vendors and third-party services providers to assist with key aspects of their operations including payment platforms, customer relations management, information technology, and data storage, to name a few. With the cloud, many companies believed that their data would be safer. However, those involved in security for years (decades) knew better. So, now after some hard lessons, many businesses still fail to account for the use of these third-parties and their access to sensitive company and consumer information in their respective cybersecurity programs. Join us for an informative look at emerging laws and guidelines which provide best practices that companies should consider to minimize cyber risk from vendors and third-party service providers and to work towards a stronger position to assert compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

Covered Topics

  • Overview of cyber risks associated with vendors and third-party service providers
  • Steps to develop a vendor cybersecurity compliance program
  • How regulations should inform on policies including a look at the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation and DFAR
  • Industry best practices