Data Privacy Professionals:

Navigating the rapidly shifting contours of data privacy law demands a pragmatic approach. To that end, we hope you benefited from our inaugural publication. Like our prior editions, this quarterly update provides practitioners with functional issue-spotting guidance for application in the evolving data privacy and cybersecurity arenas. The results and analyses discussed in this publication benefit from our decades of experience at the intersection of business, technology and government regulation, and from our in-depth understanding of current and emerging security protocols.

This publication highlights recent privacy case law, regulatory actions, legislation, and international developments starting with an overview of privacy law in the United States and developing trends. Building on our team’s experience representing clients in hundreds of data privacy and breach-related disputes, from individual FCRA cases to class action and multidistrict litigation involving data subject claims, and card issuers’ claims, this publication provides (1) updates on new U.S. legislation and amendments; (2) a review of evolving data breach and “data misuse” case law; (3) insight into developments in regulatory enforcement; and (4) an overview of notable international developments.

We hope that you find this publication useful, as it will continue to be supplemented quarterly to address current events and emerging threats in today’s changing legal and business environment. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the publication or about data security, information governance or privacy. We also welcome any suggestions as to how we can improve this and other publications.

You can access the publication here.