We are pleased to announce that Troutman Sanders partner David Anthony will be a featured speaker at the American Conference Institute’s Data Breach & Privacy Litigation and Enforcement Conference at the Union League in Philadelphia March 17-19, 2016. 

David will be a featured speaker on a panel entitled “Business to Business Claims: Vendor Lawsuits; Litigation Between Issuing Banks and Retailers Post-Breach; the Ecosystem of Payment Card Breaches; and Genesco Decision Implications.”  The panelists will discuss the rising number of cases being filed by entities with a direct relationship with consumers who have entrusted data to vendors providing information security-related services.  The issue of which entity is responsible for the costs related to a data breach response will be discussed. 

Data breach and privacy litigation spans all industries.  Whether it is a dispute between business associates and a covered entity or litigation between issuing bank and retailer, litigants need to be prepared to address standards of care, cyber controls, technical controls, policies, the ecosystem of payment card breaches, and a host of other technology-centric issues.  Ron will bring his skills as an interpreter between business and technology to help guide this interesting discussion.