Join us at the Data Breach & Privacy Litigation Conference
February 11, 2016; The Julia Morgan Ballroom, 465 California Street, San Francisco

We are pleased to announce that Ronald Raether, partner at Troutman Sanders LLP, will speak at the 2016 Data Breach & Privacy Litigation Conference on Deflecting the Onslaught: Data Breach Litigation Defenses & Litigation Against Responsible Third Parties. Ron joins a panel to discuss topics such as: How to argue that the breach did not cause actual harm? How to defeat class certification? Other defenses to legal theories most often raised by plaintiffs? How to defend and prosecute lawsuits against vendors and other third parties by their customers who have suffered a breach?

Additional Conference Topics Include:

  • A Review of Recent Court Decisions. Why do some cases survive motions for summary judgment and others do not? What do recent decisions tell us about the future of data breach litigation?
  • A Review of Recent Settlements. How are these cases being valued? What methods are being used? What structures and elements are being employed? What do recent settlements tell us? Are they higher than they should be or are they being settled for less than their value?
  • Primary Legal Theories in Data Breach Litigation. Get the latest on claims of negligence, failure to comply with notification statutes, invasion of privacy, breach of fiduciary duty, and more.
  • Evidence Collection. Strategies and techniques for gathering the data needed to prosecute and defend claims.
  • Insurance Coverage. How comprehensive is Comprehensive General Liability Insurance? What are the provisions of cyber risk policies and are they worth it? What is the latest in D&O coverage?
  • Update on Government Enforcement & Regulation. What is happening at the state and federal level? How are these actions proceeding and being resolved?
  • Case Assessment. What makes a good case for plaintiffs? What makes a good case for defendants?

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