Unauthorized Access, our privacy and cybersecurity-focused podcast, spotlights the human side of the cybersecurity industry. In this episode, Sadia welcomes Sherri Davidoff, CEO of LMG Security, to discuss the challenges and experiences associated with being a primary caregiver in the cybersecurity space. Whether as a mother, father, elder-care provider, or in any other role, this is a topic that many individuals in the cybersecurity community struggle with, but go to great lengths to conceal. Both Sadia and Sherri pause to share their personal journeys and highlight the individuals who have supported them in excelling in both their professional and caregiving roles (spoiler alert — for Sadia, that person is Ron Raether). Sherri, reflecting on the need for more flexibility, notes that virtual opportunities, which had expanded during the pandemic, are now beginning to decrease as the world transitions back to a ‘pre-pandemic’ state. These opportunities broadened the accessibility of the cybersecurity industry, especially for those juggling demanding caregiving responsibilities.

In this episode of Unauthorized Access, Kamran and Sadia are joined by Redpoint Cybersecurity VP of Client Engagement Violet Sullivan. The three cyber experts discuss board level buy-in and how to make sure the board is prepared for a cyberattack before it happens. Violet also shares how changing the communication around these issues of cyber privacy and risk can help.

Can cyber investigations be canned? Find out what Sadia, Kamran, and this month’s guest, Shawn Tuma of Spencer Fane, have to say. The gloves come off as these three breach coaches duke it out for the final word on this topic. Just kidding, we cordially discuss our thoughts and opinions on the subject and discover Shawn’s love for Winnie-The-Pooh.

In this episode of Unauthorized Access, Kamran and Sadia welcome Tony Kirtley of Secureworks. Tony discusses the emotional response to a ransomware attack, particularly how the emotional response mirrors the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief. Tony also shares how the sooner organizations reach the fifth stage of “acceptance” — the sooner they can make rational and pragmatic decisions in the incident response process.

Immediately following a three-day stint at the Summer 2022 Net Diligence conference in Philadelphia, Kamran and Sadia welcome Kroll’s Keith Wojcieszek to the Unauthorized Access podcast. In this episode, the trio discuss common misconceptions about dark web monitoring and instances where dark web monitoring can be quite important.

Don’t forget to tune in to win this month’s prize — Troutman Pepper’s “privacy + cyber” hacker hoodie.

Unauthorized Access provides an insightful and interesting recap of the latest developments in cybersecurity. Each month our (mildly funny) hosts, Kamran Salour and Sadia Mirza, will discuss updates on legal developments and industry trends, and share real incident response stories and lessons learned. Kamran and Sadia will also talk with industry experts (e.g., individuals from forensics, insurance, law enforcement, and information security) about the current cyber landscape and where it is headed. The goal for this podcast is to keep you educated and entertained about all things cybersecurity.

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