Companies dealing with a data incident confront an uneven landscape and requirements that can differ from state to state. It is easy to feel lost. Find your way with Troutman Pepper’s new Incident Response Interactive Map, created by our cybersecurity attorneys.

With a simple and intuitive user experience, our U.S. map provides state-by-state definitions, notification requirements, deadlines, and statutory references. This all-in-one resource will provide you with helpful information at your fingertips — whenever you need it.

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About Our Privacy + Cyber Team

Our national team delivers comprehensive, 360-degree solutions for privacy and cybersecurity concerns in key areas, such as privacy program creation and implementation, licensing, financing, M&A, incident response, litigation, and regulatory investigations and enforcement.

With experience in breaches collectively impacting more than 1 billion people, we help clients strengthen their infrastructure, resolve their most challenging disputes and government actions, and develop mission-critical responses to data privacy and cyber incidents. Our team has worked on several of the largest breaches in sectors, such as technology, retail, health care, banking, and government. We serve clients ranging in size from emerging growth to market-leading, multinational companies.